Aerial Photography

It is highly interesting to take the photographs of objects from a height of 100 meters with the gadget hovering above the object. And we have made this unique thing possible at Happy Valley School for our students. Old students of Gowtham Schools, who studied Aerospace Engineering at IIT Chennai, will help in setting it up. With this the students can gain hands-on-experience of handling this advanced electronic gadget.

Star Gazing

Astronomical objects have always been a source of mystery and fascination for human beings for ages. We have set up some expensive and powerful telescopes for students to gaze at the celestial bodies at night. Students can pursue this enjoyable and educative hobby not only during school days but also life long.

Culinary Art

This activity, we are sure will turn students into connoisseurs of food and develop the art of food preparation and presentation. We, at Happy Valley School, have planned to invite experienced chefs to demonstrate to the students the preparation of a variety of dishes.

Statue Making

By pursuing this amazing hobby our students will learn to make statues with special clay. If they so desire they can also make them in marble, granite or fibre using moulds. Students who have an inclination towards Fine Arts will enjoy this immensely and may take it up as a career.

Fine Arts Club

Students can enrich themselves by learning Indian classical dances, western dance, vocal and instrumental music.

Still Photography

With still photography being a coveted profession these days, students with a passion for it, while pursuing it as a recreational activity at school can develop their potential to become professionals in future. Eminent still-photographers will be invited to train the students in acquiring technical and aesthetic knowhow of this hobby.

Short Film Making

We are confident that our short film making club will enhance the latent creative instincts in students by providing basic training in the important branches of film making.


This highly technical, creative, innovative and interesting hobby will nurture the zeal in the technologically inclined students. Our own distinguished alumni with experience in this field will provide the required expertise and motivation.