Our Background

KKR Gowtham group of institutions has been a byword for success in competitive exams and has helped students secure admissions into the top universities in India and abroad. Our previous 7 batches secured 1355 IIT ranks, 1323 AIEEE ranks (now its IIT Mains), 1655 BITSAT and 2747 EAMCET ranks.

About Happy Valley School

Parents have a variety of aspirations for their children while seeking admission – some parents want their children to get into prestigious institutes like IIT, NIT, BITS etc; some want them to become entrepreneurs and large employers; some want them to pursue civil services and some others target prestigious universities abroad as their children’s academic destination.

Here in our Happy Valley School education is a matter of serious consideration. HVS was conceived with a comprehensive approach to school education focusing mainly on five important aspects of life- Health, Wealth, Character, Happy Childhood and a well rounded education and that goes beyond helping them crack exams.

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Good health:

Seeds of health consciousness are sowed at a tender age with a hope that the concept of good health through healthy food and physical exercise will continue lifelong.
A carefully planned menu, facilities for all kinds of games and sports including a gym, yoga/meditation classes, lectures by stalwarts from the medical field are some of the steps we have taken towards building the foundation of good health.


At Happy Valley School we aim at creating a self sufficient individual with entrepreneurial skills by inculcating the fundamentals of financial management, marketing, human resource development, basic accountancy and business related acumen in their co curriculum.
Students will carry out purposeful projects in industries like healthcare, entertainment, travel & logistics, IT, entertainment, hospitality, FMCG, IT, e-commerce, sugar, paper, cement, food, textile, pharmaceuticals etc. Experience sharing and advisory inputs from successful entrepreneurs will be provided for motivation and direction.


We shall strive to imbibe in our students the values of respect and regard for all fellow beings, especially elders; helpfulness; fairness, justice and empathy.


With an enviable and exceptional track record of creating successful students in KKR Gowtham schools, we at HVS shall now foray into a different domain and offer a combination of CBSE and University of Cambridge’s CIE curricula.

Irrespective of the curriculum, our academic and a robust co-curricular programme is designed to lay a strong foundation for the students to achieve the targets of their choice.

Target I:


There is a good section of parents who are insisting on providing foundation to enable their wards secure a seat in IIT, NIT, BITS, JNTU or medical colleges. They are on the lookout for an institution which provides effective foundation along with excellent facilities and discipline. Happy Valley School is the right choice for them. To get a rank in competitive tests fundamental concepts of Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry should made thorough. We are the best at it. We proved it several times with our unparalleled results.

Target II:


One section of parents wants their children to focus on civil services either after 10 + 2 or degree. Foundation right from the school level definitely improves the chances of getting a respectable rank.

In this foundation we focus on communication skills, attitude and general knowledge. If one takes foundation classes for any academic task they may pursue in future, it will definitely increase the level of understanding and perception. Happy Valley School is the best choice for this.

Target III:


Some parents want their children to become entrepreneurs and there by job creators. For the students who plan to become entrepreneurs we are planning to focus on the basic fundamentals of accountancy, economics, business administration ,studying a sector and identifying the business prospects and management skills. Through frequent lectures by eminent people in this field and by some projects on various industries, seeds of entrepreneurship can be sown right from the childhood.

Target IV:


Some parents plan to send their children to pursue graduation in best universities abroad after finishing 10+2 here. If foundation is given for SAT-1 and SAT-2 while they are in school level, the chances of getting a respectable score in SAT and advance placement exams remarkably increase to enable them secure an admission in eminent universities abroad.

Happy Childhood:

We strongly believe that a child is happy in a stress free environment that is also conducive to learning, with plenty of opportunity to play. Every activity in the school- academic or otherwise- has been designed to be student friendly and keeps the child jubilant and enjoying the wholesome learning experience.