CBSE BOARD:Main Objectives of CBSE are

To define appropriate approaches of academic activities to provide stress free, child centred and holistic education to all children without compromising on quality.To analyse and monitor the quality of academic activities by collecting the feedback from different stakeholders. To develop norms for implementation of various academic activities including quality issues; to control and coordinate the implementation of various academic and training programmes of the Board; to organize academic activities and to supervise other agencies involved in the process. To adapt and innovate methods to achieve academic excellence in conformity with psychological, pedagogical and social principles. To encourage schools to document the progress of students in a teacher and student friendly way. To propose plans to achieve quality benchmarks in school education consistent with the National goals. To organize various capacity building and empowerment programmes to update the professional competency of teachers. To prescribe conditions of examinations and conduct public examination at the end of Class X and XII. To grant qualifying certificates to successful candidates of the affiliated schools. To fulfill the educational requirements of those students whose parents were employed in transferable jobs. To prescribe and update the course of instructions of examinations. To affiliate institutions for the purpose of examination and raise the academic standards of the country.


Cambridge Primary English enables learners to communicate confidently and effectively and to develop the critical skills to respond to a range of information, media and texts with understanding and enjoyment. Learners who follow this curriculum framework will develop a first language competency in English based on a curriculum designed to be successful in any culture and to promote cross-cultural understanding.


This curriculum develops learners’ speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in English. It has been developed in conjunction with Cambridge English Language Assessment and is based on the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), used across the world to map learners’ progress in English.


The mathematics curriculum framework explores five content areas: number, geometry, measure, handling data and problem solving. This curriculum focuses on principles, patterns, systems, functions and relationships so that learners can apply their mathematical knowledge and develop a holistic understanding of the subject.


This curriculum framework covers four content areas: scientific enquiry, biology, chemistry and physics. Scientific enquiry is about considering ideas, evaluating evidence, planning, investigating, recording and analyzing data. Environmental awareness and some history of science are also part of the curriculum.

CBSE offers curriculum for

  • CBSE Primary (5y – 11 y)
  • CBSE Secondary 1 ( 11y – 14y)
  • CBSE Secondary 2 (14y – 16y)

CBSE curriculum trains the learners to be confident, responsible, reflective, innovative and intellectually engaged. It encourages and incorporates investigative approach which develops learners’ knowledge, understanding and skills and their ability to perform to the maximum as an individual and also as a part of a team.

Each learner receives a statement of achievement and a diagnostic feedback. The feedback report shows how a learner has performed in relation to the curriculum, their learning group, the whole school, and against all learners who have taken tests in that series around the world.

Strong stress is laid on application based learning and this provides valuable educational experience for the students and rewards them for positive achievement for what they know, understand and can do rather than penalize them for what they do not know or get wrong.

Subjects Offered at HVS

CBSE Primary (5y – 11 y) :

  • 1. English
  • 2. Mathematics
  • 3. Environmental Studies
  • 4. Telugu
  • 5. Hindi
  • 6. ICT (starters) – Information & Communication Technology.

CBSE Secondary 1 (11y – 14y):

  • 1. English
  • 2. Telugu/Hindi/French
  • 3. Mathematics(Basics and Advanced)
  • 4. Combined Sciences(Physics, Chemistry and Biology)
  • 5. Social Sciences
  • 6. ICT (starters) – Information & Communication Technology.

CBSE Senior Secondary (14y – 16y):

    • Group 1: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English and Informatic Practice
    • Group 2 : Biology, Physics, Chemistry, English and Informatic Practice